Undefeated season for SCC Stage 1 Gold team!
Date of Event : Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:15PM
Stage 1 Gold (Black Pool)

THEY are the new wave of cricketing stars in Strathfield, always ready to take on any challenge in their age group. High performing team is a timeless leadership topic, but nine players from Strathfield have really proved that it takes teamwork to win matches and remain undefeated in the entire competition.

First match win was a good start to the season! Three to Four wins in a row, settled things!! However, there was no stopping these champions until the season ended and they topped the chart with 13 straight wins - "UNDEFEATED". The opponents succumbed to the pressure exerted by the Strathfield boys on the field.  Every time, the boys entered the ground they played as one unit and what a performance was on display! Match after match, Strathfield Gold players showed they are a complete team by scoring more runs and taking more wickets than the opponents and also displaying their brilliance in fielding department. 


The final result highlights the hard work of the boys, patience of the parents who brought them to the cricket grounds and training sessions week after week and finally the guidance from the coaches. All areas required for performing well on the cricket field like strategy, technique and playing the game in right spirit were covered by the team managers and coaches. 


Hear it from the coaches who really guided the team to achieve these remarkable wins - 

"They took their practice into the game and worked for each other. Every ball hit had a player after it, a team mate covering, a keeper eager to receive the throw and another team mate backing up. The boys all cheered when another hit a four, or six, and all celebrated every wicket taken with the bowler or fielder.


Our players who returned from last season all improved and the new players who joined were eager to learn. Every player contributed throughout the season - some with the bat, some with ball in hand, some behind the wickets - yet all together. This is what makes this group a champion team and why I am so proud to be a part of their stellar season. Well done Strathfield Gold!"

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