Junior Blasters Program - ages 5 to 7

Details of the Junior Blast Program
Start Date: October 2020
Airey Park
Alan Davidson Oval
Bates Street, Homebush

 Program Dates:


          26 October 2019
            2 November 2019
            9 November 2019
          16 November 2019


      23 November 2019


  30 November 2019


     7 December 2019

        Christmas School Holidays
            1  February 2020
            8  February 2020
          15 February 2020
The program is subject to change during the year due to bad weather and ground availability. Should a Saturday be washed out due to rain, the following week's session may have to be abandoned and held on the following Saturday Advice will be provided on the Club’s internet site or emailed during that particular week.

Commencing Time:  
8.15am for an 8.30am start
Finishing Time: 
Normal kids' playing clothes, ie Shorts, T-Shirt, joggers (cricket whites not required)
Sun Protection: 
All children must wear a hat and sunscreen should be applied liberally
It can get very hot, so children should bring a drink for each session
Strathfield Cricket Club supplies this – we use plastic bats, balls and stumps.
Wet Weather:
If it is raining or the ground is too wet, there will be no play and, where possible, an alternative date may be arranged. A phone number to ring on Saturdays will be provided.
Cost: $120 (Active kids voucher accepted)
Registration : Online registration is mandatory. Visit our registrations page
Junior Blast Giveaways:
Cricket Australia will post Junior Blast giveaway items to your child on registration. This can take a couple of weeks so please register early so it arrives before the program starts.
Parent Volunteers: To keep the cost to a minimum, the Junior Blast program REQUIRES parents to volunteer and assist the kids each Saturday.
SCC Involvement: SCC provides  Senior Cricketers to demonstrate the skills and a Co-ordinator to run the program.