SCC Junior Cricket FAQs


Junior Programs


  • Junior Blasters for players aged 5 – 7. Visit here for more information. 
  • Master Blasters for players aged 7 – 10. Visit here for more information.
  • Junior Cricket Competition for players aged 8+


Junior Cricket Competition -  Summary (CWSCA Saturday AM cricket)

Junior Cricket Mixed Teams - > Junior Cricket is played on Saturday mornings, generally starting at 8.30am and finishing about 12.30pm. (check below for more detailed time information) All teams from Under 13 and older use leather balls, pads and helmets and all the equipment similar to seniors. Stage 1 (ages 8 to 10)  and U11 use a softer ball.

Stage 1 & 2 play a modified form of the game offering every player an opportunity to bowl, bat and field.

We play against teams from the Canterbury & Western Suburbs Cricket Association. Strathfield Cricket Club has Junior cricket teams from Stage 1 to Under 15, and then the senior cricket teams in the Sydney Shires competition. 

CWSCA will have competitions for Stage 1, U11 Division 1 & 2, U13 Division 1 & 2, U15 Division 1 & 2, U17


Timings (as observed in last 2 seasons)

Stage 1 - T20 format - 2 hour match - Time slot can be 8:30am to 10:30am or 11am to 1pm. (roughly half will start at 8:30am and the remaining at 11am)

Under 11 - T20 format - 2 hour match - 8:30am to 10:30am

Under 13/15/17 - 4 hours - 8:30am to 12:30am


Junior Cricket Format Summary


Stage 1

  • T20 format, non-competitive, no finals, play to build cricketing skills
  • Play in full gear (helmet, gloves, pads, protector, starter bat)
  • 7 players on field (min 5 and max 9 in team)
  • 16m shorterned pitch length so you can get your bowling right
  • Everyone bats and bowls
  • All batsmen to face a fixed number of balls (depending on number of players for the match)
  • Losing a wicket awards the other team with 4 runs
  • 40m boundary - let's hit those 4s!
  • Soft ball upto 120g (Kookaburra Star or Softa)



  • Same rules as Stage 1 but competitive, finals to decide premiers
  • For kids who have already played a season of junior cricket
  • 2 divisions Div 1 and Div 2, U10s usually play Div 2


Stage 2 - U13

  • 9 per team and 11 in squad
  • 30 over format, 15 overs from each end
  • 18m pitch length, 142g Kookaburra leather ball, 45m boundary
  • 2 divisions Div 1 and Div 2, U12s usually play in Div2


Stage 3 - U15 & U17

  • 11 per team and 13 in squad
  • 30 over format, 15 overs from each end
  • 20.1 m pitch length, 156g Kookaburra leather ball, 50m boundary
  • Division 2 – 30 over format
  • Division 1 – mixture of 30 over (one day) & 60 overs (two day)


Which age group is my child in?

The general age rule for cricket is based on your child's age on 31st August. If your son or daughter is 12 years old on 31 August, he/she will play Under 13.


Do I need to buy any cricket gear?

Due to COVID safety planning, all players including Stage 1 need to bring their own kit.

You are required to purchase white cricket trousers and a protector(boys only).Sunscreen is essential as we will play through some hot days. Bring a bottle of water to ensure your child remains hydrated during play.

The club will provide a playing shirt and cap.


What will I find in the team kit?

Game gear only (wickets, score-book, clicker, measure, mallet,  first aid kit, boundary markers etc)


How does the club form teams?

Teams are formed taking into account a variety of factors such as player ages, capability, availability of coaches and volunteers. 
The team will be placed in a division which best suits the playing ability of the team as a whole. U11 - U15 can compete in two divisions (Div 1 &2)

Part-time players -  In view of team stability, the club can offer part-time positions only to a limited number of players. We accept registrations, but your spot is confirmed only after team selection day.
The selection committee may also request all or selected players to undergo a trial.

Priority is always given to full time players in their correct age-groups.

What is our affiliation?

SCC is affiliated to Canterbury & Western Suburbs Cricket Association. Our junior teams will compete with other teams from association in the same age group/division. Canterbury & Western Suburbs Cricket Association is linked to clubs with teams from Lakemba the west to Tempe in the east and from Clemton Park/Roselands in the south to Five Dock in the north.


When and where will the teams train?

Training's are usually held at Airey Park nets on Thursday or Friday evenings usually between 5 to 6:30 pm. Location and time will be finalised based on your volunteer coach's availability.


When does the season start?

Cricket season starts in Spring and we play through to the end of Summer.
Stage 1 and U11 will start after Term 3 holidays and finish in March.
U13 onwards will start in mid September and finish in March. (For 2020/2021, all competitions will start from mid October)

We do not play during school holidays, but there might be the rare match coinciding with the start or end of term holidays.

What is my role as a parent?

The club cannot function without your assistance. All the club administrators are also parent volunteers. The team coach and managers are volunteers from the team and club will provide support in coaching workshops and management assistance.
On match day we require that one parent or guardian attend and support your child and his/her team. You can score, umpire, provide general assistance and cheer for the team. The club will conduct scoring/umpiring workshops at the beginning of the season. Each team will need a set of scorers and umpires on rotation.
If you would like to volunteer at the club level or join the committee, please email the club or speak to the junior co-ordinator. 
We are always looking for helping hands! Help us grow junior cricket in our community.

What are fees used for?

Club shirt and cap for players, team cricket kit, match balls, umpire fees as needed, workshops for volunteers, insurance, association fees, ground fees, end of season presentation and more!

Adverse weather (raining, heat wave, air quality)

The managers will be updated if the association decides to abandon matches for the day. This will happen by 7:45am on match day. If there is no update, you are required to show up at the ground. The coach and manager can make a joint decision with the opposing team to proceed or abandon the match. At all times, keep player safety paramount. If the team does not show, it is seen as a forfeit so make sure you travel to the ground. Weather updates will also be posted on Facebook/club website.

What is representative cricket?

As a member of Strathfield Cricket Club, you can trial for entry into CWSCA rep squads (Saturday AM junior comp players) .
Representative cricket is higher grade cricket in a very competitive environment. Matches will be day long and held on Sundays and this is in addition to our club matches on Saturday mornings. 
There are two competitions - the NSW District Cricket Association(runs from Oct to Dec) and IDCA Presidents Cup(runs from Nov to Feb with a break during summer hols) 
Following a successful trial, you will represent CWSCA in either DCA Shield or Presidents Cup and will compete against other district association teams. It is open to age groups from U12 to U16. It requires your full commitment; top notch performance and you are expected to play all matches till the competition finishes. 
To stay updated on rep cricket news, please visit association website ->


How can I become a sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring our club, we would love to hear from you!! Please contact out club president Daryl Chappelow on 0418 435 202 OR email the club at


Further enquiries can be made to