Our 2017-18 Milo “in2Cricket” registration - Sunday,  8 Oct, 9.00-10.00am, Airey Park, Clubhouse!!!

MILO in2CRICKET is an enjoyable and informative experience not only for the children but also for the parents.
The objective of this cricket skills-based program is to teach 5 to 8 year old girls and boys the basic fundamentals of cricket, in a relaxed and non-competitive environment with the emphasis on having fun.
As well as providing this program, Strathfield Cricket Club also has teams in the Under 9 modified version of cricket, Junior cricket teams from Under 10 years to Under 16 years, and then the Shires senior cricket teams. This enables those children who wish to continue in cricket after “in2Cricket”, to do so at Strathfield CC.
The normal weekly format for in2Cricket is that the kids are split up into their respective age groups with a Senior Cricketer from Strathfield CC assigned to each group. Their role is to show and explain specific skills or drills to their age group, before splitting the kids up into smaller groups for them to practise each skill/drill with the assistance of parent volunteers. To put these skills into action, a game of cricket is played towards the end of each session.
We usually have about 50 children in the program, and therefore parent support is essential. We find the smaller the groups, the greater the involvement, the less distracted they become, and the more they learn and enjoy each week.
Please browse our in2CRICKET pages for more detailed information on the in2Cricket program.
daryl Chappelow
Strathfield Cricket Club